Indoor Lounge Activities

Giant Uno
Bringing to you our latest Indoor Team Building Activities – UNO UPSIZED!
Perfect for an Ice-Breaking Sessions and combination to your other Indoor Team Building Activities.

Instead of 4 players, NOW even 40 or 60 can play at the same time. In addition, each card is made to be ENORMOUSLY HUGE . Not only does teams have to play against each other and ensure they clear their cards the fastest, teams also have to prevent other teams from peeping. Managing the Size of the cards whilst also trying to OUTWIT their opponents for the crux of the team work and fun brings endless variations to the game! A hot favourite lounge activity among all our clients.

Participants: Up to 60 Pax/-

This is an activity where charade meets bingo and all teams can compete at the same time . Each team will be given an A1 size bingo card. Instead of numbers , characters need to be plotted in into each of the 25 available spaces (Bingo Card). There will be a volunteer trying to act out the character for each round.Teams are suppose to guess the character. If they have successfully guessed the character they can strike out a grid in their bingo card. Teams will also be allowed to arrange the character placements on their bingo card whichever way they please before the start of the round.

Participants: Cater to huge groups where all can participate at once.

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