Kart Racing in Singapore

Give your team an adrenaline rush and promote some healthy competition with this fun group activity. Go-Kart Racing never fail to thrill, with fast-paced action, plenty of close calls, and the inevitable scramble towards the finish line. However, having your team participate in Go-Karting is more than just a team bonding activity, the sport helps participants develop fast reflexes and quickly make decisions, both skills which can translate to a corporate context. We run karting events for corporate groups here in Singapore and can also organised overseas trips to Malaysia’s Sepang Kart Racing Track.

Karting Event Details in Singapore
Participants are split up into teams who race against each other in endurance and sprint events. The lap progress of each driver is tracked on a live scoreboard which is then used to score and place the teams at the end of each event.
Endurance races are designed to test the consistency, precision, and reliability of drivers. These events last over 30 minutes and require the driver to develop a strategy that keeps them in contention for a place whilst ensuring they can maintain a consistent speed throughout the race.
Sprint racing is what most people think of when they think of karts. The sprint events take place on Go-Kart tracks ranging from 400 meters to 1,600 meters in length and generally favor speed, fast reflexes and quick decision making. These races last no longer than 15 minutes and involve only a few laps of the track which are recorded on the live scoreboard.
FIA championships including the Karting World Championship, take place in this format.


Why choose Go-Kart racing for your workplace?

Having a happy, connected team means being able to better work processes, operations and understand each other’s roles more effectively. While there are many other forms of team bonding, our karting in Singapore means all participants can join in on an action-packed exercise that’s more fun than it is a chore. Grasp the attention of personalities of all kinds and reap the benefits of a positive hub of employees.

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