Frequently Asked Questions



  1. Are there any difference between the rates you offer as compared to the Karting Venues?
    We have business agreement with all Karting Venues in Singapore to offer the same booking rates as what they offers. This ensures that there will be no preferential treatments to any clients since everyone will be getting the same rates no matter who they contact.

What are the benefits of booking Go-Kart through us?
As we have good working relationships with our karting vendors, we can help to ensure that there are no hiccups, easy arrangements and also help you to plan your race format. Sometimes, events may even overrun which incur extra charges and this is where we help to assure that cost will be fixed.

In addition, you get a comparison of which venues are more suitable based on your crowd size and budget. All these with just a simple phone call and sometimes, it can be frustrating trying to get information from everyone.

  1. What are the benefits of organizing team building activity through us?
    We helped you planned your day itinerary and event flow. We customize and build your whole day event in a bundle deal which helps you to save money, avoid hassle and the trouble of arranging for logistics. Some Go-Karting venues for example can be quite inaccessible and participants always get lost which delay the entire event. As we always use the same bus services, our drivers are familiar with the routes which basically get you at the right places and on time.

  1. What happens during raining weather?
    As most of our activities are indoor except for Go-Karting and Cycling, there is no worry of bad weather conditions. Even activities such as Archery, Drone Piloting, etc. are conducted indoors. If in any scenarios where the weather makes it difficult for us to continue the activity, we can postpone with no additional cost. This give you extra protection and assurance.

  1. Are your activities safe?
    Definitely yes. Safety briefing is always conducted before the start of any event. In addition, there are rules in place where participants must be properly equipped with the correct safety gear for the activity that he/she is participating.

  1. What are the Dress Code?
    For Karting:
    Karters are strongly advised to wear comfortable pants, shorts or bermudas. Ladies are advised not to wear loose clothing’s like dresses, skirts or neck scarf. Karters must also wear covered shoes and sports shoes are highly recommended.

    For Archery and Cycling:
    Participants are advised to shorts or bermudas due to perspiration and hot weather. It is also compulsory to wear covered or sports shoes throughout the event.

Other Activities:
Anything which makes you comfortable. After all it is going to be a fun day and of course you will want to dress comfortably.

  1. What are the Gears/Equipment that will be provided?
    For Archery Tag: 1) Bows & Arrows 2) Facemask 3) Arm Protector
    For Go-Kart: 1) Helmet 2) Shower Cap (For Hygiene Purpose)

  1. What other services do you provide?
    We offer services from organizing activities for Corporate Team Building, Company Dinner and Dance, Private Events and as well as exclusive venue/facilities bookings for product launches and shows.

We also do provide add-on services such as wide selection of caterers for buffets, lunch boxes and as well as coach bus services for participants.

  1. What are the payments that you accept?
    We accept cheque, credit card and as well as bank transfer.

  1. Are We Listed on GeBiz?
    Yes we are listed on GeBiz. Do drop us an email at or call us to find out more.